Wife gambling problem

I think it is the combination of reading self-help books, going to therapy, joining Toastmasters and practicing yoga and meditation has helped me.My wife finds GA anonymous members to be too rough for her and their problems much worst than hers.I know that my anxiety is unhealthy and I am trying to overcome it.

I think I am far from perfect but I am not the main reason for her gambling.What is frustrating about this is that my family is not very supportive of my decision.Recently my wife also disappears for long periods of time at work which is also a red flag.

I am so glad you have been able to come to a decision and that you are doing well in your new life.It’s time to say no to bailing out your problem gambler spouse. When your husband or wife. National Council on Problem Gambling – One place to start is to.Vera, I think I am OK with my wife and her family taking care of my daughter during the weekend.Your wife is to be pitied not blamed but I know this takes time.

If your marriage has been afflicted by the specter of addiction,. Gambling Addiction Treatment;. Healing your Marriage after Addiction.I still feel sick when I think of the nights I left my sons waiting at various pick up points for hours in the dark and in the rain.Your enemy is the addiction not your wife my friend, so please read and read as much you need and earn all the power against the addiction.Your mind must be bouncing all over the place at the moment but with your wife on a gambling binge it is important that you keep yourself safe and strong for the sake of your daughter.Threatening her with divorce or separation, unless you mean to carry it through, will not worry the addiction but will give her another excuse to let her addiction run amok because she can blame you.I can only tell you what I would do not what I think you should do and that is - I would never discharge my responsibility for my children to someone who is active in their addiction without a fight.I have done nothing but being supportive and tried my best to keep the family appears normal.He would take us to the horse track every time we went to visit him.I believe you are working on a balance James and I wish you well.

Are you finding yourself in the middle of arguments without knowing how you got there.I totally understand your need to be on your own and speaking from experience it can be the best thing going, giving your brain that chance to cool off.I also want to go back to playing golf, and fishing with friends to help me recover from this.It is so easy, when the addiction is at the forefront of your mind, to talk about little else other than their gambling.Now, she works two hours in the morning, gambles, and then come back to work.

Stories On The Consequences Of a Gambling Addiction

My father lived in a car on and off for two years and he still gambled.Im from Greece and I work a lot and I have a girl 2.5 years old.Everything you are going through sounds so terribly familiar to me.Keep going james im so proud for you.My hb is a cg and the only thing i know is that our ff recovery needs time.Smile to your daughter and take power from her smile.with all my love ell.

I have no regret coming back to my wife 4 years ago even though my family warned me that I should move on.Gambling, the Military, and Christian Ethics. by:. an addiction to gambling due to the presence. with his wife and children, but his gambling addiction only.I posted my previous message with my phone during a break from work so I am unable to join your therapy group.Many CGs who live gamble-free talk about the addiction being a spring-board, giving them richer, fuller lives because they have had to do so much soul searching.It is enabling the addiction when the loved one clears gambling debts but I am aware how difficult this is when you are dealing with joint expenses in the home.My father-in-law was a compulsive gambler so my wife probably inherited the addiction genes.I will set up cameras on our big screen TVs so she and my daughter can have face time on those days.With regards to having your wife thrown out of the casino, perhaps you need to do that to satisfy your own need to know that you have done all you can.

Sadly if your wife is going to gamble she will find a way and no amount of anxiety on your part will make an iota of difference - living your life in constant expectation of a disaster is soul-destroying.She suggested that my childhood may have something to do with my codependency issue.Also, with living too far from work and driving 2.5 hours a day.I hope she will buy a small condo so my daughter will have a decent and stable place to stay during the weekends.What happened that has caused you to write this post because unless you have more than a gut instinct I cannot see why you cannot go and enjoy your trip which will surely do you good.His wife, he says,. Problem Gambling Treatment and Research Center,. Problem Gamblers, in Their Own Words; Advertisement.

The combative behaviour is in my opinion a very well used tool of the addiction - the content of her communication is without a doubt both manipulative and very typical of an addiction scorned.I just want to say that when you are not sure what to do, it is often good not to do anything, but take time to think and arm yourself with good information and wisdom from people who have had to go through similar (though never the same) experiences.Luckily, they are expanding the school and my daughter is now scheduled to attend there starting on September 2.Right now I am leaning toward number 1 in the short term and long term.You will probably have more unhelpful things said before everything is sorted out but provided you remain focussed on that which matters you will do ok.Do what you need to do to protect yourself and try and let go of the anxiety.Here you will see that you will find true support with no judging.My wife, home alone and with nothing to hide anymore, is on a gambling binge.The addiction caused me to have huge problems at work as well.

I think it is wise that you have what ever bank statements or credit card statements to show the court of her gambling, etc.The balls in her court where that is concerned, just as your happiness is in yours.Here will find support groups and you can speak on real time with people who are in the same situation like you.I read somewhere that children of compulsive gamblers have a 25% chance of inheriting the addiction genes.

Allen Iverson: Drinking and Gambling His Career. His wife Tawanna, who is. So Iverson's drinking problem—no matter how long it has in fact been a.I could not begin to speculate on what is causing your wife to say she wants to give up her child but, while it is so, I am glad that you are making a place of safety for your daughter because she is the saddest outcome of all the problems in your lives.I was a little shocked that they are putting some of the blame on me.I will try to set up a meeting with a psychologist tomorrow to help me to deal with the grief of divorce and codependency issue.Are you feeling more anxious because you are going away and this is what is giving you concern.Two years ago, my wife went gambling whenever I was out so it gives me a lot of anxiety.