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Latest KPop News for all KPop fans! Latest KPop News for all KPop fans! KPop wikipedia. Home; Contact Us; Join Us. [Info] 2NE1 official fanclub BlackJack Jaz.

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Hi my blog is some kind about Kpop. I started in the kpop fandom at about 2009, or when 2NE1 debut. Yes i am a blackjack since then.Kpop News; Pictures; KPOP band names; Kpop twitter/me2day; Kpop Birthdays Fandom Names & colours; Individual fandom names; Gallery; KPOP twitter/me2day updates.

Warna Fandom KPOP ^^ Posted on 17 Mei 2012 by Occhii Nara. Standar. ELF (Ever Lasting Friends). Blackjack – Fans 2NE1 – Warna Hot Pink; Boice (Blue of Voice).

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All of YG's fandom names are great. VIP, Blackjack, and now Inner Circle. [14. As a fandom name, okay, but to describe the fans themselves it doesn't.

Jay wanted his fans to choose the names. The fans submitted the names and it was narrowed down to three chosen by Jay. The fans chose Jaywalkers in the final poll.This is a new k-hip hop group, wih their full name being Block Buster.Thế giới Kpop | The gioi Kpop | Thông tin Kpop, Tin Tức Kpop, Hậu trường Kpop, Sao Kpop, 360 Kpop, Scandal Kpop | for fun. ^^ In the k-pop world,. It also means that the fans are the heroines of their life. blackjack on [KPOP] Fanclub Names?.Wie gut kennst du deine K-Pop-Fandom Lichtstäbchen? Von Mikrofon bis zu Kronen hat fast jede Idolgruppe ihren eigenen Leuchtstab. (Blackjack) BAP (BABY.

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50 tanggapan untuk “ Daftar Nama Fans Club Boyband & Girlband Korea ( K-Pop Idol Fandom ). saya i got7 dan exo-l, girl grupnya sone dan blackjack annyeong^^ Balas.

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For kpoppers or newbie if you want to know kpop fandom name read this ! Namja Group / Boy Group. 2NE1 –> Blackjack 4minute –> 4Nia After School.kpop fandom 1TYM -Hip Hop Village 2AM - I AM 2NE1 - Blackjack 2PM - HOTTEST 4Minute - 4NIA (4Minute + Mania) After School - Play Girlz Arashi - Arashian AST'1 - YOO.

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Someone asked me: which fandom are you in: I told her: Kiss me - Baby - I AM - Hottest - Primadonna - Plus - Fearless - Bestfriend - Angel - Shawol - BlackJack.How Well Do You Know The Names Of KPOP Fandoms?. In the game Blackjack,. How about the fans of former KPOP girl group KARA?.Kpop Anime Jpop Everything Nice ♔ iKONIC ♔ VIP ♔ BLACKJACK ♔INNERCIRCLE ♔ EXO-L ARMY ♔BABY ♥♥♥ ULTIMATE BIASES: ★ DARA (2ne1).I'm a big blackjack fan. A blackjack's reaction to Jessica leaving SNSD. Jpop fan since 2009, Kpop fan since 2011. DeyDey89.K-Pop. A lovely place where. Insta: blackjack_vip_cicidaug. Loyal blackjack, VIP, EXO-L, and bomshell. *Hates the disrespect towards older groups/fans of.

Official Fandom Names & Meanings An extensive list of idol groups’ fandom names with their associated meanings (when known). For a list of official fan colors.Company: JYP Entertainment. Members: 1. Junsu 2. Nichkhun 3. Taecyeon 4. Wooyoung 5. Junho 6. Chansung (maknae) Past Member: Jay Park, who left the group after a scandal. (past leader) Since Jay left, the group has not picked a new leader.Pewnie wszyscy spotkali się z tym, że każdy zespół posiada fanclub (fandom), a on z kolei posiada swoją nazwę i kolor. Myślę, że dla tych, co.

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Posts about Hottests. The most important thing for a new Kpop fan to. when talking to a group of Kpop fans, I would introduce myself as a Blackjack,.WIth this, you will know if you are a real K-Pop addict or if you really are ignorant when speaking about the subject. (Don't take the results too seriously! It's.Which fandom belongs to which I only know VIP - Big Bang EXOL - EXO Shawol - SHINee Elf - SuJu Inspirit - Infinite ARMY - BTS (I think) Blackjack - 2NE1 (I think).Company: SM Entertainment. Members: 1. Yesung 2. Kyuhyun (Maknae -Youngest) 3. Swion 4. Kibum.