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We got to the replay where Monsoon carries Graham back to the ring and the crowd goes nuts.WWE SmackDown LIVE results, Feb. 6, 2018: Bryan makes a major WWE Fastlane announcement after Styles causes calamity in the Owens vs.

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Somehow Greg gets to his feet first and he nails Santana with a back suplex.Hilarious photos: Current Superstars recreate The Attitude Era.WWF ON TBS. Title: WWF "World. Blackjack Mulligan vs Ted Grizzley 3. Title: WWF "Georgia Championship Wrestling on TBS" Date: March 2, 1985 Location: TBS.How sweet would have that been, a former NWA Champion against the WWF Champion.

Ring announcer Mel Phillips announces Santana the new champion.So many comments and articles have mentioned him from WCW and WWF,. Blackjack Lanza befriended Mulligan and a. we will never you Blackjack Mulligan.

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Piper makes the tag then hits a front headlock on B.A. Barabus before T tags Hogan in.

Terry covers for a two count then catches the Dog in a sleeper hold.Robert Deroy Windham (November 26, 1942 – April 7, 2016), better known by his ring name Blackjack Mulligan was a professional wrestler, author and American football.Mr T hops up and down saying let me have him so Hogan tags him in.Jimmy hart takes his shirt and jacket off then pounds on JYD.Valentine gets a knee to the back and Santana drops to the ground.Bruno slugs away at the champ and rams him into the ringpost.

Blackjack mulligan vs andre the giant. United states, wwf superstars are sharp and. Goldberg at 20 16: wwf, 3gp blackjack mulligan/andre the, next station,?.JYD tries to bring in Jimmy but Hart actually lands neck first in the ring, very dangerous.

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He doggie headbutts him until Funk does his Fred Sanford jab routine, flopping to the apron.

Gorilla on commentary says Bruno had a broken clavicle the night he lost the title to Ivan the first time.WWF 1982-08-30 MSG Singles Match Charlie Fulton vs. Tony Garea Singles Match Killer Khan vs. Steve. vs. Blackjack Mulligan, Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito. 206.The Rock defends his Intercontinental Championship against Ken Shamrock.Graham boots him to the outside and he regroups with Skaaland.

Santana is fired up and Valentine paces around with nowhere to go.Ivan Koloff vs Bruno Sammartino for the WWWF Heaveyweight Championship.Mr Wonderful interferes and clotheslines Hogan out of the ring so Piper grabs a chair and waffles the Hulkster with it.Bruno rams Billy into the buckle then waffles him through the ropes and onto the floor.Both heels interfere so Hogan hits a double noggin knocker on them then headlock punches Orndorff until Wonderful counters with a back suplex.The fans are totally confused as Albano gets in the ring with the belt.Blackjack Mulligan was the patriarch. The Mulligan family is one of the most successful families in wrestling history. Mulligan/Windham Family Tree Share.

Discover information about Blackjack Mulligan and view their match history at the Internet Wrestling Database.The crowd chants JYD as Terry literally goes outside and jumps over the fan barrier to threaten someone.Cue the 1985 opening and Gorilla Monsoon is our host today wearing a red bow-tie.Monsoon on commentary says he took a couple of shots in there too.Blackjack Mulligan uses his deadly claw to vanquish his opponent.Hogan scoop slams Muraco, runs off the ropes and hits the big leg drop.This was actually a good little post-Wrestlemania feud going between Hogan and Muraco that will be settled another time.T hits a scoop slam on Piper and an arm-drag on an interfering Orndorff.

Fuji hands salt to Muraco and when Hogan comes over, Don hits him right between the eyes.Btw, Jack Reynolds was a veteran announcer and Mosca was an ex-football player turned wrestler.Valentine is pelted with garbage as he throws the belt into the cage and walks out disgusted.JYD brings Funk in and drops him with a right hand, then goes outside to chase Jimmy Hart.Finally Monsoon calls for the bell as Graham falls to the mat.

Happy Birthday Blackjack Mulligan!. CAC Reporting that WWF Referee Great Dick Woehrle Passed Away today.Anyway Valentine slugs Santana in the ropes and continues to work over the left leg.Blackjack Mulligan. Blackjack Mulligan uses his deadly claw to vanquish his opponent. Wearing the black hat of the bad cowboy and sporting an ominous leather glove.Blackjack Mulligan in his WWF days in 1986. Bobby Jack Windham is 59 now and hasn't competed in the ring as Blackjack Mulligan for. future Blackjack should.Jimmy runs over to pick his man up and Funk rolls on top of him and threatens to punch him out thinking its JYD.

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WWE is saddened by the news that Robert Windham, aka WWE Hall of Famer Blackjack Mulligan, has passed away at age 73.WWE apparently learned nothing from New Coke when it came to reborn tag teams.