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Otherwise I agree with Sys, take it back and get a backward compatible board.I will leave the following recommendation for this question in the Cleanup topic area.What is Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP). 4X, 1,066 MB/s; AGP 3.0 - 66 MHz, 0.8 V, 8X,. Motherboards that support AGP will either have a slot available for an.Best Card I can buy for AGP 4x 1.5v. Your fine, and any 8x/4x card whould work with your slot. A word to caution to those with older 3.0 Volt AGP slots.

I know because I have a 9800PRO 128 and it supports AGP 2X, installed perfectly and benched fine.Types of AGP slots and. 0.8v (newer) - 8X 1.5v (older) - 4X 3.3v. voltage to function properly in the newer 1.5V AGP slots. If forced into a 1.5V AGP slot,.But I think you can get a Geforce 6200 (or even something better maybe) in PCI--a PCI videocard would be a better bet probably.

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The voltage is differant, so it would most likely damage the card.I HAVE A FX 5500 AGP 8X,MY MOTHERBOARD HAS AN AGP 4X SLOT,MY PC DOES NOT START when i plug this card in,. AGP8X card will not work in AGP4X slot.

During this brief maintenance window forums will be temporarily unavailable, and we apologize for the inconvenience.In other words, I understand that 8X will have issues with a 2X slot.

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Do yourself a favor and upgrade the board if you can afford it.

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What is the differnce of AGP 3.0( 8X ). (with AGP 8x and 4x). The AGP Slot will go the way of the ISA Slot. Take Care.

ATI 9200 is 2x compatible, all ATI 9500 and below are compatible, 9600 and above is a maybe, anything 9800 above is FOR SURE not compatible with 2x.

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My mobo is Soyo SY845PE ISA, which only has 4x AGP slot (1.5v). Will GeForce 6800 AGP work on my mobo? From what I read, an XFX 6800 has AGP 4x / 8x interface, which.Expansion Slots 1 x AGP 8X/4X Slot. 5 x PCI Slots. On-Board EIDE 2 x ATA133/100/66. Performance features includes AGP 8X and support for Intel! 1, IDE ATA/133.And finally, here is a perfect example of a card that works strictly on AGP 4X and 8X.Find best value and selection for your New GPU ATI Radeon 9550 256 MB DDR2 AGP 8X 3D Graphics Card DVI S VIDEO. SAPPHIRE HD 3850 512MB GDDR3 AGP 4X/ 8X Single Slot.AGP 8x 128MB 128Bit graphics card into a AGP 4x. there should be no problem with 8x card on agp 4x unless ur motherboard is does. - Support AGP 4x slot.

Do AGP 8x cards fit in AGP 4x slots? N/A. Check the voltage your Mobo supplies to the AGP slot and the voltage requiremenst of the card. Generally,.Yes, most AGP 8x cards (or least all that I've seen) are backwards compatible to work on AGP 4x slots. However, anything older (like 1x or 2x slots) use different.

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Search Results: "AGP 8X video card". nVIDIA GeForce 6200 512MB AGP 4X/8X VGA+DVI+HDTV Single Slot Full Height Video Graphics Card. Core Clock: 300 MHz.

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Radeon 9600XT in 4x AGP. otherwise you'll need to take it out of the AGP slot one way or another. Most G4s are AGP 4x and Power Mac G5s use AGP Pro 8x.

Hi there, I'd like to upgrade the graphics card, but don't know if i have 4x or 8x agp. How can I tell. And if it is only 4x,. what does that slot into,.If I try to set the AGP speed to 4X in SmartGart, when the system reboots, it rverts to 0X. Does this issue look familiar to anyone?. AGP 4x Slot - AGP 8x Card.

AGP 8X/4X: Card Dimension: 20x12.6x4. with one AGP lane graphics slot available. users who engage in video conferencing or use creative applications that.Actually, some old AGP 4x boards won't plug into a newer 4x/8x agp slot. Although, the way I read the article, it says that 4x and 8x use different anybody knows if a ATI Radeon 9550 Graphics 256MB AGP 8x/4x would fit in a dell 2400 dimension with a pci slot????? please im in pain cause i just bought one.

Hi My PC (Pentium 4 2.8GHz) has an Abit mobo with an AGP 4X slot. Can I fit a modern AGP 8X card in here? (e.g. nVidia 5900). Will it work (albeit a little slower) or.You can use 8x AGP cards in 4x slots, they'll just use the slower interface speed. There are only two voltages used by AGP cards,.PCI Express FAQ for Graphics. 04/20/2017;. PCIe graphics cards use the x16 PCIe slot. AGP 4X. 1 Gbps. PCIe x8. AGP 8X. 2 Gbps.